Third Eye Beanie


You begged, pleaded, dropped to your knees and with your hands outstretched to the sky pleading for mercy on your filthy little soul, flagellating yourself and shouting in Latin. All so you could get a WW beanie. We come to deliver you, with mercy and love in our deep-fried hearts. Finally, WW beanies descend from heaven in a ray of light, so your rotten kappa heads don't fill with acid rain & snow. You are safe in our bosom.

In your choice of eye color. One size fits most.

Please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery. Product appearance may vary slightly from image shown. In the (unlikely) event that your order hasn’t arrived in time for your holiday, we recommend printing out the handwritten note from Will Wood in the product photos and putting it in a fun envelope for the recipient!

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