Return Policy:

Our shipping and inventory are managed by a separate company. Our official policy is to not accept returns, but of course there are exceptions in unique cases. So if you wish to return an item for some reason, please contact us first at help@willwoodandthetapeworms.com. Otherwise, it'll go straight to the manufacturer, and they'll donate it to charity without a word.

    We're working on this! We're a very small company, and since Will's recent sudden and exponential rise in popularity we've been scrambling to keep up with unprecedented demand that we're not yet built for in many areas! As of June 2022, we're in the process of setting up a new system wherein returns and an in-house inventory are managed by a new company, which will allow us to take greater control of things like this! We'll be updating our return policy soon! Thanks for your patience!

Refund Policy:

If an item is damaged or defective, please contact us with a photo and description of the issue at help@willwoodandthetapeworms.com
and we will get back to you as soon as possible! We do not offer refunds or re-shipments in cases of buyer's remorse, erroneous purchases, or problems with the postal carrier.

Lost/Stolen/Late Item Policy:

While we can usually provide tracking information at your request, we do not have access to any additional information. We  also cannot confirm whether or not an item has gone missing or was stolen. Please allow time for Covid-related delays! If you encounter any issues with delivery, please contact your postal carrier or local post office.

Order Updates:

If you would like to update shipping information on an order or make changes to it, you must do so quickly! Once the order has entered fulfillment there is rarely anything we can do.

Karen Policy:

We reserve the right to refuse service to unruly or abusive customers. If you contact us, treat us like we're human. If you can afford band merch, you're punching down. We wish we didn't have to put this up, but good lord some people are just the worst - am I right retail folks?

Email Policy:

Ordering from our store may put your email on the Will Wood newsletter list. Unscubscribe any time by scrolling to the bottom of any emails from us!