Q: How long do these items take to ship?

    A: It depends on the item, but in most cases no more than a couple weeks. However, due to supply chain issues caused by Covid-19, significant delays can be expected. Please remember we are a small independent company - we're not Amazon, the speed of our deliveries are determined by the carriers and so we cannot guarantee a specific date. We do send everything out as quickly as possible, though!
      Signed items usually take a little longer, as WW personally manages those. If you make a custom request for a signed item, this will take several extra weeks.

Q: Do you ship internationally?

     A: Yes! And to pretty much any country.

Q: What is your refund/exchange policy?

     A: We don't do exchanges, due to the unique nature of our business's structure. We're working on this! We're a very small company, and since Will's recent sudden and exponential rise in popularity we've been scrambling to keep up with unprecedented demand that we're not yet built for in many areas! As of June 2022, we're in the process of setting up a new system wherein returns and an in-house inventory are managed by a new company, which will allow us to take greater control of things like this! We'll be updating our return policy soon! Thanks for your patience!

     We don't provide refunds for buyer's remorse or unintentional purchases, but we will send you a new item if the item is somehow ruined in transit or produced erroneously. Send us a photo of the issue if this occurs! You can reach customer service at help@willwoodandthetapeworms.com. This is a small company, so please allow up to a few days for a reply. Check out the policy page for details. If for some reason you don't hear back from us within a week or so, please follow up!

Q: What if I want to return an item?

     A. Since we don't currently do exchanges, we ask that you don't attempt to return any items. Your return will disappear into the void and be donated to charity by the manufacturer (not us - we don't even get sent the returns at the moment!) Until we get the new system up and running, email help@willwoodandthetapeworms.com before making any moves regarding issues with your order!

Q: How can I be sure it's the right size?

     A. We have size charts available on each item's pages, just scroll down and take a look! These charts are not always perfect, but they are supplied by the manufacturer and their accuracy is generally reliable.

Q: Can you re-route a package for me?

     A. Sometimes! If you send us this request quickly enough after you placed your order we will try to re-route right away! You can reach customer service here: help@willwoodandthetapeworms.com!

Q. How do I contact customer support?

A. help@willwoodandthetapeworms.com

Q. How can I contact Will Wood?

A. Will does occasionally check fan mail at P.O. Box 1204 Bushkill PA 18324. He isn't usually able to reply, but he will try his best to at least set aside time to read it. We ask fans to not attempt to reach Mr. Wood through other means.