Q: How long do these items take to ship?

    A: It depends on the item, but in most cases no more than a couple weeks. Please remember we are a small independent company - we're not Amazon, the speed of our deliveries are determined by the carriers and so we cannot guarantee a specific date. We do send everything out as quickly as possible, though!

Q: Do you ship internationally?

     A: Yes! And to pretty much any country.

Q: What is your refund/exchange policy?

     A: Our shipping and inventory are managed by a separate company. So if you wish to return an item for some reason, please contact us first at [email protected]. Otherwise, it'll go straight to the manufacturer, and they'll donate it to charity without a word. 

     We don't provide refunds for buyer's remorse or unintentional purchases, but we will send you a new item if the item is somehow ruined in transit or produced erroneously. Send us a photo of the issue if this occurs! You can reach customer service at [email protected]. This is a small company, so please allow up to a few days for a reply. Check out the policy page for details. If for some reason you don't hear back from us within a week or so, please follow up!

Q: How can I be sure it's the right size?

     A. We have size charts available on each item's pages, just scroll down and take a look! These charts are not always perfect, but they are supplied by the manufacturer and their accuracy is generally reliable.

Q: Can you re-route a package for me?

     A. Sometimes! If you send us this request quickly enough after you placed your order we will try to re-route right away! You can reach customer service here: [email protected]!

Q. How do I contact customer support?

A. [email protected]