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1. Q: How long do these items take to ship?

    A: It depends on the item! Regular items like standard-order and limited-edition apparel will ship out in no more than five days. The more customizable and unique items take a little longer, especially the limited edition ones. Pre-orders aren't shipped out until the pre-order period ends and WWATT HQ receives the supply, so while those take a bit longer they tend to be special items worth the wait!

2. Q: Can you sign my merch?

    A: Absolutely! Signed merch is on the sidebar- because of time and communication between WWATT HQ and Will Wood's personal office, it costs a little extra for us to get you a signed copy. But rest assured, if you order a signed piece of merch, we will make sure it gets W.W.'s John Hancock ASAP. We don't usually have apparel signed, however, because the signature tends to wash out. If you have a special request however, you can contact us beforehand and we'll set up a special order with you.

3. Q: Can you do a special thing for me not on the sidebar or on the menu?

    A: Depends what it is! We want to make sure we keep the closest connections possible with our fans so we always try our best to meet special requests. We can't always promise anything, but use the Contact Link on the sidebar to shoot us a message, and we'll see what we can do and we'll try to set up a special order for you.

4. Q: Where are you located?

    A: Far too many sketchy characters and odd packages were ending up on WW's and our doorstep so we're no longer at liberty to tell you. We now use a small P.O. Box far away from wherever we live and/or work. Wherever that is. 

5.  Q: Where can we send fan mail or fan art?

     A: We love getting fan art and fan mail from you cool cats, it always puts smiles on our faces. You can go through fanspace@willwoodandthetapeworms.com, the Contact Link on the sidebar, or mail it in a small envelope to P.O. Box 302, Glen Rock NJ, 07452. You can see some of our favorite pieces of fan art displayed on our website, and if we like your we may end up publishing yours as well!

6. Q: When/Where are your upcoming shows?

    A: All of our show dates are listed on our social media accounts (facebook.com/willwoodandthetapeworms, instagram.com/tapewormsmusic) and on www.willwoodandthetapeworms.com! If it's not listed on there, it's not scheduled.

7. Q: When are you guys coming to [INSERT PLACE HERE]?

    A: Just as soon as we possibly can, promise.

8. Q: How do I contact WWATT/WW for booking, press, or other appearances? How much does it cost to book a show?

    A: You can reach management at booking@willwoodandthetapeworms.com, part of our management team or W.W. himself will reply as soon as possible to let you know what's possible.