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WWATT Acronym Apocalypse Shirt (50% OFF!)

$9.99 / On Sale

Thanks to our friends on the Will Wood Patreon, we've reached a milestone goal, allowing us to release new merch designs regularly! In celebration, our social media followers and Patreon subscribers have picked this shirt to be the next new item! This is our first color T-Shirt, and it features original psychedelic cubism style art by W.W.! Represent your weird taste in music, support the weird people who make it, and look good while fighting the good fight of making sure nobody writes "WWtTW" or "wwattw" or whatever again.

To get in on the next vote, the next production, and the world behind the scenes of WWATT past present and future, join us on Patreon! Your support makes this and much more possible, and help us bring you more cool stuff! Subscribers can receive this shirt for free or at a discount, or maybe even get the original hand-drawn drafts of the art in the mail...

Yellow and dark maroon on royal blue alstyle unisex T-Shirt. Available XS-XXL
Please allow 1-3 weeks for delivery. Final product may differ slightly from online demo image. Ordering from our merch store also gets you on our newsletter - the best way to stay connected on all things Will Wood! (Feel free to unsubscribe at any time if you'd like!)