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"SELF-iSH" CD [Available Signed] (LIMITED STOCK)

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"Self-ish" is Will Wood and the Tapeworms' second full-length studio album, recorded at Backroom Studios in Rockaway, New Jersey.

Produced by Kevin Antreassian
Engineered by Kevin Antreassian and Jonathon Maisto

Music and Lyrics by Will Wood
Arranged by Will Wood and the Tapeworms

Wil Wood - Piano, Keyboards, Vocals, Kazoo
Mike Bottiglieri - Guitars, Theremin, Power drill
David Higdon - Tenor Sax, Soprano Sax
Jonathon Maisto - Bass Guitar, Engineering
Matt Olsson - Drums, Percussion
Alex Nauth - Trumpet, Guest Vocals
Papa Reese - Guest Vocals

Additional Guest Vocalists: Dylan Jacobus, Cheska Columbo, Chris McRae, Lizzie Rowe, Kellyanne Zeleny, Timothy Simpson, Mike Yablon, Robby Stern, Bobby Sanner, Rebecca Paddon, Bianca Teresi

Special Thanks to:
Brett Dubin, Jim Horvath, Tom Donatuccio, Robby Stern, David Frederick, Jesse Lazarus, Samantha Gubitosi, Bianca Teresi, Maddie Schwartz, Donnie Graham, Tim Simpson, Diana Bottiglieri, Rebecca Paddon, Kevin Clark, Lizzie Rowe, Bobby Sanner, Michelle Adamson, Julia Hotz, Shana Sonbolian, Nick LaRoux, Vitia Latino, Patricio Robayo, Mike Yablon, Kevin Antreassian, Jon Maisto, Mike Bottiglieri, David Higdon, Matt Olsson, Alex Nauth, Papa Reese, Jimi Vee, Anthony Carrera, Julian Lee, Gabriel Francis, Mr. and Mrs. Colligan, all of our friends, fans, and family. There are probably others I'm forgetting. Send me hate mail, I deserve it.

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