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$149.99 / On Sale

Full membership patreon folx get 75% off. To get this at a quarter of the price, making it cost essentially the same as a normal WW show, go here: https://www.patreon.com/willwoodandthetapeworms

On November 19th, I'm going back to the studio where I recorded my first two albums for a VERY special, secret project. The band and I are going to be recording and filming performances of three BRAND NEW SONGS, LIVE, as content for pitching/shopping to MAJOR RECORD LABELS! And you can come! Join us for the recording and shoot, and stick around for a private show afterward! Everyone's a VIP!

Watch me and the band perform new music, hang with us at the legendary Backroom Studios, and have your beautiful face on film. This is VERY limited and VERY exclusive, with the audience being capped at 15 attendees. Yup! Only 15 tickets available and THATS IT! (AND PATREON FOLX ARE GETTING 75% OFF!!! JOIN NOW!!!)

These videos are going to be watched by A&R for major record labels, and maybe Patreon Membership holders will be able to see them - but there's a good chance the general public may never even see the video, let alone be able to attend the shoot/recording session!

This is a very exclusive, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to join us behind the scenes, meet the band/production team, watch a top-secret private show, hear new music, see what it's like to record in studio, and be a part of hush-hush content where you'll be seen by CORPORATE MUSIC HOT SHOTS and that you can RUB IN EVERYONE ELSE'S FACES.

FULL MEMBERSHIP Patreon folks get a discount code that knocks the vast majority of the cost off and brings the price way, WAY down - so join now and you'll get in for DIRT CHEAP!

This is going to be a ton of fun - hurry and get your tickets now because they are VERY limited! This is the most intimate and exclusive semi-public event I've ever put on! See you there, friendo.

Location: Backroom Studios
350 US 46, Rockaway NJ
Come at 3pm