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"Everything is a Lot" CD [Available Signed]


"Everything is a Lot," the debut album by Will Wood and the Tapeworms in a black & white sleeve.

Recorded at Backroom Studios in Rockaway, NJ.
13 tracks about sex, drugs, love and law enforcement.
Songs ©2014, recordings ©2015.
released May 20, 2015

Will Wood: Vocals, Backup Vocals, Keys, Guitar track 2, 4, 11
Mike Bottiglieri: Guitars on track 12
Dave English: Drums tracks 2, 6, 7, 9, 11
Thomas Finch: All other drums, additional drums track 2
James Horvath: Guitar tracks 1, 3, 5, 7, 8,
Father Scardo: Upright & electric bass
Dan Chetnik: Saxophone, Clarinet, Flute
Jonathon Maisto: Bass Track 4

Gang Performances: Jennifer Agront, Mike Bottiglieri, Michael Bridda, Cheska Colombo, Holly Dubin, Amanda Feliciano, Jordan Fernandez, Gabriel Francis, Kara Kittredge, Rebecca Paddon, Alex Ryan, Daniel Patrick Sheridan, Theodore Oliver Simpson, Timothy Francis Simpson, Matt Veeneechei, Gabby Vicedomini, Mike Yablon, Haolun Xu.

Special thanks to the folks at Backroom: Jon, Kevin, Scot, whoever tolerated my hovering about. My parents for funding so much of this even though my music spooks ‘em. They guy with the milk- was his name Kevin too? God, the milk thing was weird. Mike Bottiglieri, Dave English, and Mike Battista- although their full musical contributions didn’t make it to the album, their help with arrangement was instrumental. Pun intended. Thanks to my former romantic partners, and that nazi-looking girl in the corner of the room; we made eye contact a few times, remember me? Thanks to the band for working so hard. Thanks AVE, Jamface, Strange Thick. The gang. J Bob for Destroy to Enjoy. Y’all at HPC and the Tabernacle, for welcoming and helping to show me just how weird I can be. Bill Buehler for being inspiring- everything is a lot. Shroomboy/Zables and the Wills (Smith, Jackson, Sunshine) thanks for being and having been. Be bold with your love. Thanks to the sidewalk anti-folks. All the friendly homeless people. Everybody who participated in the gang vocals, the Chemical Reaction video shoot, or any aspect of any part of this process. If I’ve failed to remember your name in this, feel free to send me hate mail. I deserve it. -W.W.

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